Community currencies are all about getting back a sense of community spirit. As a group we exchange all kinds of goods and services with each other, using online community credits and paper Taffs notes that can be withdrawn at Taffs trading sessions. You might earn credits by painting for a neighbour, then you could spend those credits getting computer help from someone else in the group. So the circle goes on, always helping people in our community. Our credits are called "Taffs", and you should value them at about one pound each. If you value community spirit then this will be just the thing for you!

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New Message System

We have improved the messaging service on the site.
You can now send private messages to other users via the website and keep track of them in your account.
A new 'messages' link is on the top right when you have logged in.
You will be emailed a notification when you receive a new message but will need to log on to reply.
Please use the contact form to contact us with any questions about this.

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