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Offer/Want Goods/Service Title Cost in Taffs Name Date Postedsort ascending
Wanted Services help with proof.edit digital docs.books to be prof display for promoting. due to my blind disablity projects on hold T100 shafboss 27th Mar 2018 23:43
Wanted Services Gardening Services - digging & clearance Anita 23rd Mar 2018 20:35
Wanted Goods Cardiff Taff paper notes T1 GoScoutUK 17th Mar 2018 9:13
Offered Services Writing applications, CV etc T10 omerhusain 6th Nov 2017 12:11
Offered Goods Bamboo roots T2 Pat Burrage 21st Aug 2017 11:57
Wanted Goods Old bicycle brake/gear cables and chains, and broken musical instrument strings! :) cloudy 2nd Apr 2017 15:52
Wanted Goods outdoor paint bex.gingell 7th Mar 2017 21:29
Offered Services dog walking offered T3 bex.gingell 6th Mar 2017 19:42
Wanted Goods garden pots (plastic and pottery) T5 bex.gingell 6th Mar 2017 19:41
Offered Services Personal Training sessions T5 Paul Jace 5th Feb 2017 16:12
Wanted Goods Toiletries Pat Burrage 18th Sep 2016 7:38
Wanted Goods Football boots and kit Pat Burrage 18th Sep 2016 7:37
Wanted Goods Football boots and trainers Pat Burrage 14th Sep 2016 12:43
Wanted Goods Plant pots Pat Burrage 14th Sep 2016 12:42
Wanted Goods hot glue gun Lauren James 8th Sep 2016 20:18
Wanted Services Guitar lessons Pat Burrage 4th Sep 2016 7:17
Offered Writing Skills Ash_Sharp 4th Oct 2014 16:57
Offered food with delivery Amy1988 20th Jun 2014 14:32
Wanted A decorator drivetronic 10th Mar 2014 16:43
Offered A service... driving lessons drivetronic 10th Mar 2014 16:28
Offered Electrical services for home or business Richard Mordey 20th Jan 2014 14:16
Offered Deep Purple Energy Juice, Bespoke Natural Living Enzymes. bhinghi 8th Jan 2014 4:12
Offered DIY skills to offer, I can do it all professionally! Costs + Parts + Taffs/ Trade. bhinghi 8th Jan 2014 3:42
Wanted Blank CD/DVD-R discs (& cases) tigerbay 6th Jan 2014 7:22
Offered video, record and audio tape transfer service tigerbay 6th Jan 2014 7:14
Offered small animal pet sitting clare conway 4th Dec 2013 12:03
Wanted Storage space e.g. garage or spare room BeccaSteveArnold 4th Dec 2013 8:17
Offered Time - Girl Friday SammiGad 2nd Dec 2013 15:18
Offered Fan heater Teresa 1st Dec 2013 16:16
Wanted Buddypress Help Louisa 18th Nov 2013 12:35
Offered Editorial help Louisa 18th Nov 2013 12:31
Wanted Babysitting - School Holidays mollydoesfolly 14th Oct 2013 11:51
Offered Proofreading mollydoesfolly 14th Oct 2013 11:50
Offered School Holiday Babysitting mollydoesfolly 14th Oct 2013 11:47
Offered Computer skills squeak 8th Oct 2013 0:09
Offered green tomatoes Edible Landscaping 2nd Oct 2013 19:34
Offered Small Van Service SammiGad 26th Sep 2013 20:53
Offered Holiday Pet Care SammiGad 26th Sep 2013 20:52
Offered Babysitting Service SammiGad 26th Sep 2013 20:50
Offered Pickled Organic Cucumbers Edible Landscaping 26th Sep 2013 13:19
Offered Windfall Cooking Apples Edible Landscaping 26th Sep 2013 13:02
Offered genius log candles Woodsman 26th Sep 2013 10:45
Offered willow weaving services Woodsman 26th Sep 2013 10:34
Wanted help with housework mainly hoovering patsyl 17th Sep 2013 21:27
Offered knitted hats, scarves, baby clothes and blankets patsyl 17th Sep 2013 21:25
Offered Website Creator Ŧ19.99~ Drowz0r 10th Sep 2013 2:15
Wanted Fix my 12v PV lamps Paulus 2nd Sep 2013 16:46
Offered Family tree research. Pat Burrage 2nd Sep 2013 10:41
Wanted Web designer Paulus 2nd Sep 2013 10:35
Offered Gym/exercise and/or boxing sessions Paul Jace 1st Sep 2013 20:46
Wanted Gardening help! Lisanne_H 31st Aug 2013 15:02
Wanted guitar lessons BeccaSteveArnold 24th Aug 2013 22:54
Wanted crochet lessons BeccaSteveArnold 24th Aug 2013 22:52
Wanted eggs BeccaSteveArnold 24th Aug 2013 22:49
Wanted a hairdresser BeccaSteveArnold 24th Aug 2013 22:45
Wanted children's clothing 2-3 and 3-4 BeccaSteveArnold 24th Aug 2013 22:43
Wanted crochet and knitting BeccaSteveArnold 24th Aug 2013 22:40
Offered homebrew skills BeccaSteveArnold 24th Aug 2013 22:28
Offered seasonal preserves BeccaSteveArnold 24th Aug 2013 22:18
Offered basic handyman skills BeccaSteveArnold 24th Aug 2013 22:12
Offered Baby items up to two years BeccaSteveArnold 24th Aug 2013 22:05
Offered Turned wooden items BeccaSteveArnold 24th Aug 2013 21:46
Wanted Used greeting cards vickyrmort 18th Jul 2013 1:19