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Offer/Want Goods/Service Title Cost in Taffs Name Date Postedsort descending
Wanted Used greeting cards vickyrmort 18th Jul 2013 1:19
Offered Turned wooden items BeccaSteveArnold 24th Aug 2013 21:46
Offered Baby items up to two years BeccaSteveArnold 24th Aug 2013 22:05
Offered basic handyman skills BeccaSteveArnold 24th Aug 2013 22:12
Offered seasonal preserves BeccaSteveArnold 24th Aug 2013 22:18
Offered homebrew skills BeccaSteveArnold 24th Aug 2013 22:28
Wanted crochet and knitting BeccaSteveArnold 24th Aug 2013 22:40
Wanted children's clothing 2-3 and 3-4 BeccaSteveArnold 24th Aug 2013 22:43
Wanted a hairdresser BeccaSteveArnold 24th Aug 2013 22:45
Wanted eggs BeccaSteveArnold 24th Aug 2013 22:49
Wanted crochet lessons BeccaSteveArnold 24th Aug 2013 22:52
Wanted guitar lessons BeccaSteveArnold 24th Aug 2013 22:54
Wanted Gardening help! Lisanne_H 31st Aug 2013 15:02
Offered Gym/exercise and/or boxing sessions Paul Jace 1st Sep 2013 20:46
Wanted Web designer Paulus 2nd Sep 2013 10:35
Offered Family tree research. Pat Burrage 2nd Sep 2013 10:41
Wanted Fix my 12v PV lamps Paulus 2nd Sep 2013 16:46
Offered Website Creator Ŧ19.99~ Drowz0r 10th Sep 2013 2:15
Offered knitted hats, scarves, baby clothes and blankets patsyl 17th Sep 2013 21:25
Wanted help with housework mainly hoovering patsyl 17th Sep 2013 21:27
Offered willow weaving services Woodsman 26th Sep 2013 10:34
Offered genius log candles Woodsman 26th Sep 2013 10:45
Offered Windfall Cooking Apples Edible Landscaping 26th Sep 2013 13:02
Offered Pickled Organic Cucumbers Edible Landscaping 26th Sep 2013 13:19
Offered Babysitting Service SammiGad 26th Sep 2013 20:50
Offered Holiday Pet Care SammiGad 26th Sep 2013 20:52
Offered Small Van Service SammiGad 26th Sep 2013 20:53
Offered green tomatoes Edible Landscaping 2nd Oct 2013 19:34
Offered Computer skills squeak 8th Oct 2013 0:09
Offered School Holiday Babysitting mollydoesfolly 14th Oct 2013 11:47
Offered Proofreading mollydoesfolly 14th Oct 2013 11:50
Wanted Babysitting - School Holidays mollydoesfolly 14th Oct 2013 11:51
Offered Editorial help Louisa 18th Nov 2013 12:31
Wanted Buddypress Help Louisa 18th Nov 2013 12:35
Offered Fan heater Teresa 1st Dec 2013 16:16
Offered Time - Girl Friday SammiGad 2nd Dec 2013 15:18
Wanted Storage space e.g. garage or spare room BeccaSteveArnold 4th Dec 2013 8:17
Offered small animal pet sitting clare conway 4th Dec 2013 12:03
Offered video, record and audio tape transfer service tigerbay 6th Jan 2014 7:14
Wanted Blank CD/DVD-R discs (& cases) tigerbay 6th Jan 2014 7:22
Offered DIY skills to offer, I can do it all professionally! Costs + Parts + Taffs/ Trade. bhinghi 8th Jan 2014 3:42
Offered Deep Purple Energy Juice, Bespoke Natural Living Enzymes. bhinghi 8th Jan 2014 4:12
Offered Electrical services for home or business Richard Mordey 20th Jan 2014 14:16
Offered A service... driving lessons drivetronic 10th Mar 2014 16:28
Wanted A decorator drivetronic 10th Mar 2014 16:43
Offered food with delivery Amy1988 20th Jun 2014 14:32
Offered Writing Skills Ash_Sharp 4th Oct 2014 16:57
Wanted Services Guitar lessons Pat Burrage 4th Sep 2016 7:17
Wanted Goods hot glue gun Lauren James 8th Sep 2016 20:18
Wanted Goods Plant pots Pat Burrage 14th Sep 2016 12:42
Wanted Goods Football boots and trainers Pat Burrage 14th Sep 2016 12:43
Wanted Goods Football boots and kit Pat Burrage 18th Sep 2016 7:37
Wanted Goods Toiletries Pat Burrage 18th Sep 2016 7:38
Offered Services Personal Training sessions T5 Paul Jace 5th Feb 2017 16:12
Wanted Goods garden pots (plastic and pottery) T5 bex.gingell 6th Mar 2017 19:41
Offered Services dog walking offered T3 bex.gingell 6th Mar 2017 19:42
Wanted Goods outdoor paint bex.gingell 7th Mar 2017 21:29
Wanted Goods Old bicycle brake/gear cables and chains, and broken musical instrument strings! :) cloudy 2nd Apr 2017 15:52
Offered Goods Bamboo roots T2 Pat Burrage 21st Aug 2017 11:57
Offered Services Writing applications, CV etc T10 omerhusain 6th Nov 2017 12:11
Wanted Goods Cardiff Taff paper notes T1 GoScoutUK 17th Mar 2018 9:13
Wanted Services Gardening Services - digging & clearance Anita 23rd Mar 2018 20:35
Wanted Services help with proof.edit digital docs.books to be prof display for promoting. due to my blind disablity projects on hold T100 shafboss 27th Mar 2018 23:43