Baby items up to two years


Submitted by BeccaSteveArnold on 24th Aug 2013 22:05

We aren't selling anything as we may have another child in the more distant than nearer future. However we may be happy to loan items for a small T amount. We would always lend things to friends, but as this is a wider audience and we don't know everyone a T contribution covers loss/damage.Im happy to offer items as I firmly believe in reducingthe amoun of things we buy new in order to reduce our impact on our environment.

We have:
- cloth nappies
- baby bath
- baby clothes
- baby gym
- baby toys
- high chair
- booster seat for dining
- Isofix car base
- stage one car seat
- ruck sack carrier - short term let
- connecta baby carriet - short term let
- 'may' have a travel cot

Things are spread around a few lofts, so we need to locate certain items!