AGM 2018

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taffsadmin has sent you a group email from Cardiff Taffs Community Currency.

We'll be holding our AGM on March 4th, at 16.30 (4.30pm), which means a slightly shorter trading session. As usual, all co-ordinating team members stand down before the AGM, but may stand for re-election. We would welcome anyone who would like to join the co-ordinating team; it's always good to have fresh input. Anyone wishing to stand for a post needs both someone to nominate them and someone to second them. The following three posts MUST be filled for Taffs to run for another year:
- Co-ordinator
- Secretary
- Treasurer (this post is currently split between the Sterling and Taffs accounts)
Other posts are:
- Website Admin
- Community Development
- Funding
- Social Media
Posts can be combined or split to suit and if anyone has any ideas about how they might be able to help, please let us know!
Closing date for nominations is MARCH 2nd
Please post nominations as a reply to this post or email to
See you on the 4th!
THe co-ordinating Team