homebrew skills


Submitted by BeccaSteveArnold on 24th Aug 2013 22:28

I have been making home brew for several years. I sometimes bring surplus fruit wine to trading.

However, as I have all the kit and knowledge I am happy to offer:

- home brew lessons. You bring the kit and ingredients ans we brew it together. 5T an hour.

- as above but I loan you kit for a small T amount.

- I source a beer or larger kit and you pay for it in sterling (£15-22) a kit makes about 40 pints. I then make it up for you for 20T this takes 6 weeks and I will cover the cost of sundries. This is a popular choice for Christmas time, so get an order in in time! I will put it in a 'bag in a box'. Bottling is more expensive and takes more time.