Deep Purple Energy Juice, Bespoke Natural Living Enzymes.


Submitted by bhinghi on 8th Jan 2014 4:12

I've developed it to control my Anxiety, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,
Chronic Pain Syndrome, Depression 'n Energy Levels.
I've also found it useful for controlling Withdrawal Symptoms
from Dependency to Alcohol, Lots of Love, Prescribed Meditation, 'n Tobacco.
I've felt your pain and I want to help as many fellow sufferers as possible..
For more info find Dipak Parekh @ Facebook 'n request
friend to be added to the 'Deep Purple Energy Juices,
Bespoke Living Enzymes' Group Page.
Costs + Taffs/ Trade 'n Glass Jars to be reused.
To be Registered and Funded as Charity/ Trust asap
to offset/subsidise costs of ingredients + labour. x