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good meeting,lots of new people,corrina's birthday,lots of wacky people,just what i need,thanks for the warm warm welcome,too early in the day to stuff my face with cake! nice to have met you vicky!!!!

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I was a part of the team that set up Cardiff Taffs - 4 years ago. At that point we were called SEWLETS or south east wales local exchange and trading scheme. It was an ambitious project to set up a currency in south wales that would be used privately between our members and also at local businesses. I was involved as a sort of add on to the committee as I didn't have the confidence to take up a bit role.

Over time as my confidence grow I became assistant secretary and assistant web developer, and after some encouragement, I became treasurer as well! Now I coordinate the project with the a lot of help from the other co-ordinating team members.

I suffer from mental health problems which have left me unable to work and I found Taffs has helped me grow in confidence and skills. I've also met loads of people, some of whom have become good friends, and feel more connected to the community.

Its a great feeling when people say they enjoy being part of the project and also when people buy the craft things I make. It has driven me to study website design at university in order to upkeep this site, a skill that may be useful in eventually getting a job. I also have gained the confidence to start selling my crafts at craft fairs .

I have spent the taffs I earn mostly on services. I have people to help maintain my garden, had a leak in my roof sorted. I have also purchased fresh locally grown fruit and veg, gifts for friends and home baked yummys.

I would encourage everyone to join as this project is about much more than just trading goods and services locally.

Around four years ago I bought the final paper issue of The Ecologist (http://www.theecologist.org/) magazine, and in it were listed some websites of groups and networks with enlightened ideas and goals including or centred on issues such as Land Share, Timebanking, Indie-Media, Health, etc.. And I was happy to find http://www.letslinkuk.net an organisation devoted to developing alternative forms of trading and finance in the UK, only a few months before this I had been trying to tell friends of my ideas for bartering, only to be taken very lightly... How little did they know...

Now four years later after being put in contact with Steve Smith by the admin of Lets Link who was trying to develop a LETS (Local Exchange Trading System) for South Wales the resulting Community Currency has gone from strength to strength and helped build a solid network of people willing to help each other out with their skills, knowledge and passion for Community.

My personal experience from the scheme has been very positive, I have painted doors, ceilings, hallways, kitchens, fixed a single sided pitched roof extension etc.. and in return have been able to find items at our monthly markets (previously at Cathays Community Centre and currently on the first Sunday afternoon of the month in Chapter in Canton) and from members that I have needed, such as a vacuum cleaner, curtains, clothing, hiking backpacks, cd shelves, etc. as well as food items such as vegetables and fruit, some delicious cakes including Meic's amazing Bara Brith, breads, jams, chutneys - including Helen's fine Green Tomato Chutney and many fine crafted items including a lovely wood-turned bowl and even some very interesting second hand dvds and books. It was thanks to a member that my long-out-of-action mountain bike got fixed and I could zip around Cardiff once again.

Cardiff Taffs is all about Community, people making connections with people who join with the intention of mutual benefit. You not only get to shop local but you get to meet lots of interesting people and have some great conversations. Don't be shy, come to one of our monthly meetups, you don't need to trade straight away and you get 100 online Taff Credits (equal to a sterling pound in value) when you register / join up via this website.

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A Community Garden and a Community Currency makes a perfect combo! Quite a few of the members of Cardiff Taffs are gardeners and so we have been able to get hold of some decent top soil, a couple of decent deck chairs in which to sit and soak the Sun after a hard day's gardening, loads of plants and seeds and gardening tools. When we have had extra produce above and beyond what our volunteers can use we have been able to make jams, chutneys and sell produce to the Taffers. If you find life is a bit of a struggle at times financially or you just like the idea of community then come and join in with the Community Currency, it really is the antidote to the perils of modern life, it promotes sustainable living and also works really well as a trading scheme. Don't just like the page on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/cardifftaffs/ - take part too, you won't regret it honestly!

I would rather use my energies creatively and grow plants than paint a ceiling, so this system of exchange works well for me. I have gained much by way of services from members which has helped my family enormously. I only wish more members would become more involved in the trading. Invariably kind, friendly and sociable people at the monthly meetings. Come along and see what you are missing.