Goods/Service Description Cost Member Updated/commented date
Goods Free-standing tabletop chalk boards x 4 T5 cloudy 5th Jul 2017
Goods Bar optics 25ml and 35ml T10 cloudy 5th Jul 2017
Goods Black plastic ice buckets x 3 T3 cloudy 5th Jul 2017
Goods Slug & Snail Barrier tape, 4metres, 2T T2 cloudy 4th Jul 2017
Goods The Famous Grouse whisky glasses 3T for 6 T3 cloudy 4th Jul 2017
Goods Cardboard drinks coasters about 6000! T3 cloudy 4th Jul 2017
Services Painting (of the decorating kind) Ian Hilbert 6th Nov 2016
Writing Skills Ash_Sharp 4th Oct 2014
food with delivery Amy1988 20th Jun 2014
A service... driving lessons drivetronic 10th Mar 2014
Electrical services for home or business Richard Mordey 20th Jan 2014
Deep Purple Energy Juice, Bespoke Natural Living Enzymes. bhinghi 8th Jan 2014
DIY skills to offer, I can do it all professionally! Costs + Parts + Taffs/ Trade. bhinghi 8th Jan 2014
video, record and audio tape transfer service tigerbay 6th Jan 2014
small animal pet sitting clare conway 4th Dec 2013
Time - Girl Friday SammiGad 2nd Dec 2013
Fan heater Teresa 1st Dec 2013
Editorial help Louisa 18th Nov 2013
Proofreading mollydoesfolly 14th Oct 2013
School Holiday Babysitting mollydoesfolly 14th Oct 2013
Computer skills squeak 8th Oct 2013
green tomatoes Edible Landscaping 2nd Oct 2013
Small Van Service SammiGad 26th Sep 2013
Holiday Pet Care SammiGad 26th Sep 2013
Babysitting Service SammiGad 26th Sep 2013


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