Goods/Sevice Description Member Updated/commented date
Services Sewing Edible Landscaping 26th Nov 2017 11:21
Goods Toiletries Pat Burrage 18th Sep 2017 1:36
Goods Football boots and kit Pat Burrage 18th Sep 2017 1:36
Goods Football boots and trainers Pat Burrage 14th Sep 2017 2:00
Goods Plant pots Pat Burrage 14th Sep 2017 2:00
Goods hot glue gun Lauren James 8th Sep 2017 0:58
Services Guitar lessons Pat Burrage 4th Sep 2017 0:54
Services Tutorials in Diy skills Gillian 7th Jul 2017 10:34
Goods Towels and bedding Pat Burrage 27th Jun 2017 2:00
Goods Old bicycle brake/gear cables and chains, and broken musical instrument strings! :) cloudy 2nd Apr 2017 15:52
Goods Wheelbarrow Sophie 1st Apr 2017 0:59
Goods outdoor paint bex.gingell 7th Mar 2017 21:29
Services installation of an electric fan heater for the bathroomn Charlotte 15th Jan 2017 2:06
Goods Tents and sleeping bags for refugee camps Pat Burrage 12th Nov 2016 1:00
Goods Horse manure Pat Burrage 31st Oct 2016 1:08
Services Someone to paint and prepare the cement bit of the outside of our house in Barry! Charlotte 20th May 2016 1:08
straw mulch for gardening vaida 30th Apr 2016 0:29
around ten to twelve paving slabs annaward 26th Feb 2016 0:54
Someone to sand my wooden floor mathstutor1 16th Jan 2016 0:03
a professional builder PurplePiggie 4th Jan 2016 1:50
a wardrobe PurplePiggie 4th Jan 2016 1:50
A foster for fish Monica 13th Dec 2015 1:35
Services Help to lift and shift lots of gravel Pat Burrage 30th Nov 2015 0:02
Services Help building an Eco-House M Lewis 2nd Nov 2015 1:50
1-2 pots of paint. warm neutral colour. Endurance or bathroom/kitchen so that it can easily be washed down Yasmine P 21st Aug 2015 22:20


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